The MSA Report provides a wealth of financial information on the overwhelming majority of Canada's property & casualty insurers. The MSA Report is an essential tool for anyone following the industry.

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The report provides critical financial data* on each insurer, including:

  • Five years of information.
  • Groundbreaking three-page financial reports covering every aspect of each insurer.
  • Consolidated group pages providing: key ratios for entire groups;  Legal-entity build-up to group-wide writings and loss ratios by line and by territory;  Canadian operations are compared to the global results over two years. 
  • Multi-year averages and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) measures.
  • Fifteen regulatory early-warning tests (including pass/fail indicators), as well as supplementary solvency ratios.
  • Profitability and liquidity measures (discounted and un-discounted).
  • Claims runoff exhibits (discounted and un-discounted).
  • Proprietary accident-year development charts (discounted and un-discounted).
  • Detailed analysis of reinsurance ceded, including breakout by treaty type, as well as splits between affiliated and non-affiliated reinsurers and, registered vs. non-registered carriers.
  • Loss, expense and commission ratios, including commissions by major line.
  • NPW and loss ratios by major line.
  • NPW and loss ratios by territory.
  • Analysis of auto-writings by territory (DPW and loss ratios).
  • Analysis of invested assets.
  • Analysis of outstanding loss provisions, including reserve adequacy by line.
  • Detailed analysis of adjustment expenses.

Other features:

  • Summary tables.
  • Extensive corporate profile and contact information.
  • Comprehensive exhibit explanations.  

Want the data electronically?

MSA Benchmark data is available in MSA Researcher P&C software. In addition to the data in the Benchmark Report, the software includes detailed OSFI data for the benchmarks. The MSA Benchmark Report hardcopy is included with the software as well.

2016 Edition Available Now (New Edition coming Spring 2017)

Free with MSA Researcher P&C Software

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* Specifications and exhibit details subject to change.

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