Analytical Services

MSA Research offers a wide array of customized analytical services, including:

  • Advisory services: With our in-depth industry knowledge, MSA's advisory services provide clients with insights into industry entry/exit opportunities, books of business or available shells. Our offerings include extensive analytical research and due-diligence capabilities. MSA Research and its partners provide years of deal making experience in the Canadian marketplace. Call for more information.
  • Rating Agency advisory services: The ability to effectively manage your rating relationships is key to maximizing your success. MSA Research has the experience and knowledge to provide Canadian insurers with insights into what the various rating agencies expect, what they are looking for and how to best address outstanding or potential rating issues. In addition, our experience can give clients a heads-up preview of what ratings they are likely to garner should they engage a rating agency.
  • Custom reports or data-feeds: Please click here for more information.

Please contact Joel Baker at (416) 368-0777 for more information.

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