A cure for the double counting headache.

MSA is proud to introduce its powerful new Double Counting Prevention System (DCPS) to its Researcher platform.

DCPS automatically flags or removes any double counting resulting from the inclusion of corporate parents in the same query or composite as a subsidiary. Only consolidated fields are affected.

Here’s why DCPS is needed and how it works:

Canadian Life-1 OSFI and CCIR Life/Health statements have included consolidated pages and exhibits for many years now.

Starting in 2011 consolidated pages were introduced to the Canadian P&C-1 statements.

Both the L/H and P&C statements contain both consolidated and non-consolidated exhibits. Furthermore, branch – Life-2 and P&C-2 statements do not include consolidated information.

  1. Double counting will occur if a parent and subsidiary are included in the same company group and you run them against consolidated fields in your query.

    What DCPS does: DCPS is automatically activated in situations like this. It greys out consolidated fields of the subs. You will also be able to blank out those fields. The totals at the bottom of the query will not count the subsidiary info for those fields and double counting is eliminated.

  2. If you run a composite along with some of the companies that make up the composite in the same query.

    What DCPS does: DCPS is automatically activated. All fields of any company that is included in a composite that itself is included in the query will be greyed out and omitted from the totals at the bottom. You will be also be able to blank out those fields if you wish.

  3. If a parent and sub are included in the same composite.

    What DCPS does: DCPS is automatically activated. Consolidated statement fields of subs whose parents are also included in the composite are not aggregated thus eliminating the risk of double counting.
DCPS is automatic. No action is required on your part. If you have any questions relating to this feature or any other aspect of MSA’s Researcher software please do not hesitate to contact us.
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