MSA’s Historical P&C M&A Database

MSA’s database of corporate name changes, status changes, mergers, acquisitions, license changes etc.

The database captures over 1,500 corporate events going back to the 1950’s and 60’s. The interface is easy to learn and affords quick search and click-through ability. The application also allows you to enter your own confidential comments.

Key Benefits

  • Look up any company by either current name, or prior name. *View time-stamped events relating to that company.
  • MSA employs 'double-entry' to record events relating to two or more institutions (event will be logged for all companies involved - 'A acquired B';  'B acquired by A'.
  • Click on a link to move directly to the record of a related company.
  • MSA provides frequent updates electronically.
  • Fully networkable (requires MS Access 2000 or 2003).
  • Enter your own confidential comment relating to any event. Comments remain with you and are not overwritten by updates.
  • MSA is committed to extending the database back to the early 20th century and maintaining it going forward.

Click here for details including screenshots (pdf).

For more information please contact us.

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