MSA Researcher P&C software is recognized as the most comprehensive and powerful analytical engine of Canadian insurance industry financial information available.

MSA Researcher P&C software is used by:

 90% of Canada’s P&C insurers and reinsurers (market-weighted basis).
 Commercial/reinsurance brokers.
 All major audit/actuarial firms.
 Main industry associations, regulators and governments.
 Equity research shops/ investment banking arms.
 Broker associations across Canada.

Information through Q3-2019 is now available.

Top reasons why your company should adopt MSA Researcher as your premier
business-intelligence platform.

1. Uncompromising Support and Training – It’s always about the customer.

  • MSA prides itself on providing highly responsive, unlimited free technical support, ensuring that clients maximize the value of their investment and time.
  • We thoroughly understand the issues, the data and the Canadian industry.

2. Unmatched Depth:

  • The ‘Complete’ version of Researcher comes with over ten years of detailed regulatory data, as well as a wealth of value-added MSA information & ratios. A ‘Historical’ version with data from 1990-present is also available.
  • Quarterly updates (available with the ‘Complete’ and ‘Historical’ versions).

3. Unparalleled Breadth:

  • MSA Researcher contains detailed financial information on over 97% of the Canadian P&C industry . No other source comes close.

4. Unrivalled Functionality:

  • Take an entire statement to Excel with customizable executive summary exhibits and charts in a few simple mouse clicks.
  • Easily create your own benchmarks by aggregating companies together. Your composites can then be treated as ‘companies’ in the database.
  • Run queries against any set of companies/benchmarks against any set of fields (OSFI, MSA or your own calculated fields). Apply filters to quickly find the data you want then easily manipulate it further or take it to Excel for further analysis.
  • Bilingual English ou Français.
MSA Researcher P&C Package Comparisons
Features Complete Package Historical Package
Years of Statement/MSA Information Ten + 3 Quarters. Data from 1990-Present + 3 Quarters
Customizable Executive Summary XL Reporting in Software. Yes Yes
Quarterly updates Yes Yes
MSA Report Data in Software Yes Yes
MSA Benchmark Report Data in Software Yes Yes
MSA Quarterly Outlook Reports Included with site license only. 30 copies each quarter.

Pricing: Please call +1 (416) 368-0777 ext. 23 for pricing or see MSA's Product Catalogue for more information.

Corporate Site Licenses are the logical choice for power-users and larger corporations, they include the following features:

  • 30 copies each quarter of the MSA Quarterly Outlook Report;
  • Twenty-five installations of MSA Researcher (Complete) within an organization;
  • Open MS Access databases**

Please contact us for more information.

* MSA Researcher fournit un soutien en  français pour les articles suivants :

  • Toutes les visualisations de page du rapport du BSIF.
  • Aide disponible en cliquant à droite pour plus de 6000 champs du BSIF.

Available Discounts: Educational (25%), Multi-License discounts available.

* Pre-1999 and recent quarterly data is available for all federally licensed companies and select provincially licensed companies. The complete P&C package contains ten years of information, however, we do offer custom versions of the software with data from 1990-present.

** Open databases are provided in MS Access format. These allow for the use of sophisticated database tools as well as of Microsoft Office tools to tap directly into the underlying data without using the Researcher interface.

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