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  • MSA Quarterly Outlook Reports - The MSA Quarterly Outlook Reports cover financial issues affecting the Canadian P&C industry. Each issue contains insightful, thought provoking research pieces covering various aspects of the industry. In addition to the articles, each issue contains updated summary financial results for Canada’s insurers... <More>
  • P&C MSA Researcher Software - MSA Researcher P&C is the most comprehensive and powerful database of insurance industry financial information available. MSA/Researcher contains over twenty years of extremely detailed regulatory statement data as well as all of the value-added information contained in the MSA Report and MSA Benchmark Report... <More>
  • Life/Health MSA/Researcher Software - MSA/Researcher Life/Health is a comprehensive and powerful database of Canadian life insurance and fraternal benefit industry regulatory information. MSA/Researcher contains up to ten years of extremely detailed Life-1, Life-2, OSFI-54, OSFI-55, OSFI-56 and OSFI-77 statement data... <More>
  • MSA’s Historical P&C M&A Database - MSA’s database of corporate name changes, status changes, mergers, acquisitions, license changes etc. The database captures over 1,500 corporate events going back to the 1950’s and 60’s. The interface is easy to learn and affords quick search and click-through ability. The application also allows you to enter your own confidential comments... <More>

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