Hélène Samson
Director of Prudential Oversight of Financial Institutions, AMF

Hélène Samson, who is an economist by profession, holds the position of Director, Prudential Oversight of Financial Institutions, within the Solvency unit of the Autorité des marchés financiers (Québec) (the “AMF”). This department is responsible, amongst others, for the drafting of Guidelines and regulations applicable to financial institutions doing business in Québec, except for banks. The prudential framework developed - mainly in the form of guidelines, notices or framework – deals specifically with sound and prudent management practices and sound commercial practices expected from financial institutions. The adaptation of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision provisions (Basel I, II and III provisions) to the financial services cooperatives and a cooperative group, is also part of its specialized expertise in terms of prudential oversight of financial institutions.

Mrs. Samson is also very involved at the international level since she is a member of various working committees of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS), notably on governance, Financial crime and market conduct issues. As such, she was involved in supporting the complete revision of IAIS Insurance core principles and was the person in charge of the international working group responsible for the review and drafting of the core principle regarding suitability. More recently, she is currently part of an international group of experts in governance, which is responsible for the self-assessment and peer review of some core principles pertaining to governance and risk management within all jurisdictions members of IAIS.

Holds a BA and an MA in Economics , Mrs. Samson has near 25 years of experience in financial sector regulation. Before the creation of the AMF in 2004, Mrs. Samson worked within the Inspector General of Financial Institutions, one of the five organizations merged that leads to the creation of the AMF. Her work was focused on the analysis of different markets at national and international level but also on the establishment of frameworks adapted to the Québec financial institutions.