Leigh Chalmers
Partner and Chief Inclusion Officer, Assurance, PwC

Leigh Chalmers is a partner in the Assurance practice in Toronto with over 20 years of experience. Leigh has a broad range of experience in providing audit and advisory services to the financial service industry, specializing in insurance.

Leigh is a member of PwC’s Accounting Advisory Services group at the forefront of the IFRS issues facing the insurance industry. She is also the leader of PwC’s National IFRS Insurance Group leading the strategy, development and delivery of services to the insurance industry. In this role, she is able to stay connected to the global network enabling her to stay abreast of the issues and the challenges being faced around the world. She has involvement in a number of other initiatives related to the insurance industry including being an advisor to the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), Financial Affairs Committee.

Leigh has experience developing and delivering internal and external courses and presenting to various associations in the insurance industry. Most notably, Leigh is responsible for the development and delivery of an annual 3-day Life insurance accounting course offered to the industry. Leigh is also involved in the delivery of a number of other accounting related courses for LOMA including the Insurance Immersion course.

Leigh has been a speaker at a number of Canadian Insurance Accountants’ Association events; IBC financial affairs symposium; Canadian Insurance Financial Forum; and the PwC Insurance EyeOpener Series.