Tom Golfetto, Executive Director, Automobile Insurance Division, Financial Services Commission of Ontario
Tom Golfetto is the Executive Director of the Automobile Insurance Division at the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO). He is also the Director of Arbitrations at FSCO and serves as a member of the Commission, charged with the oversight of the regulatory activities and statutory authority of FSCO.

Tom has more than a decade of insurance experience working in a variety of senior management roles within the property and casualty, and commercial casualty sectors of the insurance industry.

In the early 1990s he joined the Dispute Resolution Group of the Ontario Insurance Commission and worked as a Mediator, and later in management roles within that area. In 2000 he was assigned to the Pension Division of FSCO and developed and later managed the service delivery mechanism related to an individual’s access to pension funds in cases of financial hardship. Tom was appointed as Director of the Pension Division in 2001, responsible for the oversight and regulation of over 7,000 pension plans registered in Ontario.

In 2008, Tom was appointed as the Executive Director of the Automobile Insurance Division at FSCO. In this role, he is responsible for regulatory and policy activities including the regulation of automobile insurance rates, compliance, and regulatory policy development as well as service activities including the Dispute Resolution Group and the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund. 

Tom supported the Anti-Fraud Task Force on Auto Insurance by chairing of the Regulatory Practices Working Group.  In 2013, he led the elimination of the mediation backlog at FSCO.